SHAPE ReClaimed Review

Shape Reclaimed Review

SHAPE ReClaimed is a homeopathic diet solution that offers the customer diet drops, and a nutritional program to follow. The company “Nourishing Wellness” was started by founder Linda Howes, and it seems to be a rather small and granola company from the looks of the website and services offered. The company offers in office visits to get on board with their “Shape Program” and they have an office in New Hampshire. The program is actually pretty costly sitting at $525.00 for a 2-hour consultation session, 1 hour appointment to start your program, three 1 hour long appointments to track your success, a urine analysis to monitor and customize your program, as well as body composition and measurement tests. This does not include the drops and the booklet.

The Facts

You enroll one time and can choose between the office visits in your consult meeting. Right now the 5 Visit Package is what they are offering at the discounted rate of $525.00. Because the location is only in New Hampshire, you are going to have a hard time taking advantage of the offer unless you live in this state. There are drops and booklets available on Amazon, so the diet is still possible but it is much different. The drops are meant to be taken orally under your tongue about 15 minutes prior to eating or drinking.
The Ingredients In The Drops: Vitamin B-12, Mag-Phos, Nat-Phos, L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, and L-Lysine.*

What’s The Word?

Many people were reporting that the drops acted and tasted just like water, which was a disappointment because many of these customers were looking for a weight loss supplement. For one bottle of these drops you are going to pay around $40.00 with shipping. On the bottle there is a number to call, and they will send you a diet booklet, log, and recipes all in a PDF format so that you can follow a program with the drops.
Really, many customers felt like the only thing that potentially could work would be to follow the program diet guide. As far as the diet program goes, only two meals are allowed each day with minimal snacks, so you might feel the hunger pangs if the weight loss supplement doesn’t work to curb your cravings.

Eric Randle* said,

I bought these “drops” because my girlfriend had used them in the past. We started using the drops at the same time (together) and I felt absolutely no change. She had used the drops before and she said that she felt nothing.”

RaiderGirl* said,

“I bought I fancy bottle of nothing. It tastes like nothing, does nothing and is nothing. Honest to goodness, I think I bought of little bottle of water with a dropper. They could have at least put some flavoring in it so I would believe I was using something.”

Atera* said,

A fraud. it is water and does not do anything. I wish I could put some water in a bottle with a label as diet drops, i could make a lot of money scamming people. This doesn’t even deserve 1 star.”

What Does SHAPE ReClaimed Offer?

The company really does try and offer a full blown diet program for the customer to follow, and even though the drops may have gotten bad reviews the program itself may work for weight loss. You will be eating 2 main meals a day, and are allowed to “graze” on approved fruits, veggies, and crackers. Sugar, and oil are not allowed in any of your food options at the beginning. In the two meals you get to consume you will be eating lean protein such as chicken, beef, turkey, fish, or other seafood’s. Four cups of veggies are allowed with the protein as long as they are not cooked in oils. Two servings of fruit are allowed each day, along with one snack. Water, Tea, and Coffee are allowed in any amount so there is freedom there as long as sugar and creamers are left out.

Pros Cons
  • All Natural
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Ineffective Supplement
  • HCG Diet tendency
  • No Scientific Backing

Is SHAPE ReClaimed Worth A Try?

This program has a lot of moving parts, and it markets itself as a type of HCG Diet. Yet it doesn’t deliver on the effectiveness of weight loss. If you live in New Hampshire, you will be lucky enough to visit the one clinic that this weight loss program offers. Otherwise, you are stuck ordering their drops online and getting a PDF diet guide in the mail with no means of support or help along the way. Many people also compared this diet program to an HCG diet without actually working like the HCG Diet. No side effects were mentioned, which is a relief and a positive for this program. Overall, the customers who tried the drops were not happy with how ineffective they were or how expensive they were in the long run, therefore the diet program is nothing special when it is all said and done.

*Please keep in mind that with any diet or weight loss program, individual results will vary

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