Miracles Of Coconut Oil

Miracles of Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil For Health

There are plenty of healthy oils out on the market for consumption. When it comes to cooking, most people have a vegetable oil and then some type of olive oil. There is nothing wrong with using these oils, except that they break down at high temperatures, neutralizing any of the good effects. Coconut oil is about the best choice that can be made for cooking since it withstands high temperatures, allowing the heart healthy benefits of the oil to remain.

There is a unique blend of fatty acids that are contained within coconut oil. As a medium chain fatty acid, coconut oil is metabolised in a different way by the body. From the digestive system, the fatty acids in coconut oil go directly to the pancreas. Here they are utilized as either a quick energy source, or they can be turned into ketone bodies, which studies have shown are effective in treating diseases of the neurological system, such as Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

Across the world, populations that obtain the majority of the calories that they eat from coconut are among the people with the best overall health. The western world looks on coconut as being almost an exotic food, used sparingly if at all. It is not only the amount of calories that are consumed that make all of the difference, but also where these calories come from. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut have been shown to give the average of 5% more energy in a 24-hour time period. With more energy available for the body to use, more calories will get burned, a loss that can become significant over time.

Coconut oil has also shown promise as an appetite suppressant. Just a small amount of coconut consumed at breakfast reduces the body’s need for more calories at the next meal, helping to win the battle of the bulge. With coconut’s reputation for lowering the blood pressure, it is also possible that there is a direct relationship with a lower risk of heart disease.

For people who are not fans of the taste of coconut, they may be surprised to discover that pure coconut is not sweet. Solid form coconut oil actually smells more like a coconut than it tastes. When used in cooking, there is no taste whatsoever. Besides cooking with the oil, a good way to incorporate coconut into the diet for fussy eaters is to replace the margarine on certain types of sandwiches with solid form coconut oil. Peanut butter, grilled cheese, and chicken salad are great examples.

Coconut oil is easily found in most health food stores, some supermarkets, and through Amazon. To receive all of the benefits, choose unrefined, organic, virgin coconut oil.


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