Feelings – What does it have to do with illness?

Feelings impact our health
How Feelings Impact Our Health

In today’s dynamic world it seems we are doomed to get lost trying to identify the nature of our true feelings, moods and emotions. Most of us are not capable to name or answer  “what am I feeling right now”, “why did this feeling came to me”, “is it a new experience or has it been sitting inside of me from an early childhood”, what is really the true source of that feeling, is it beneficial or damaging. Even thought there are plenty of psychological, spiritual and physical practices designed to help us establish the true
bond between me and true me, it takes time, dedication and certain attention – all these things that we usually miss or fear and most of the time don’t get involved enough.

Resources Within Us To Accept Nothing But The Best

At the end of the day it looks as though we do have all the tools to be happy, positive, healthy, to create a pleasant environment for us and our families. To most of us these tools do not appear to be sufficiently motivating.

As experience shows, psychological, spiritual and physical practices truly can be sufficient to aid in healing medical, mental or physical issues. The more complicated the disorder and the less helpful traditional medicine is, the more open minded patient becomes to alternative ways.

Data shows that the more helpless a person feel (after trying numerous traditional Western ways) the more he or she is willing to switch focus from consequential healing to finally identifying and eliminating the true source of illness.

Perfection Of Our Body

Our body is designed so well that it has to accumulate a certain amount of junk food, junk actions, junk thought and junk emotions to become really sick. In most cases it has a long way to go before getting an unwanted, sometimes ground shaking, diagnosis.

Why Do We Get Sick

On the way there, we do get multiple most of the time dismissed warnings signs that our body doesn’t feel comfortable, that our emotions, thoughts or physical actions are harming certain parts of the body or the whole system. Ignoring all of these subtle signs leads to multifunctional tension, where certain parts of the body become incapable to withstand it, therefore supporting systems get involved and without the attention of the owner all defensive mechanisms finally come crashes down resulting is serious illnesses.

Is There A Way Back?

Luckily it is not as bad as sometimes it is made to sound. Recoveries from deadly diseases are seen as a miracle, but we have to acknowledge that these miracles is something that every one of our bodies has – ability to naturally withstand and recover from whatever we throw at it. All one has to do is is to have an absolute trust and unity between the body, the thought and present time.We all have the capacity within us to control the interaction between our feelings, thought and body. How pure and seamless this interaction becomes depends solely on us.

We believe that every cell of our body, every thought that we think, every emotions that we experience, every move that we make creates our own unique universe that is not something static or stiff – it can change no matter if you consciously participate or not.

So, What Now?

Everything what happens in your life is dependent on the action and consequence. Bonds between our systems have to be acknowledged and truly cherished. If forgotten they have to be restored, updated and boosted.  Every element of EMB triangle has a tremendous impact on each other, so we have to take care of all of them equally in order to be happy, positive and healthy.

Choose to be Well!

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