Pulses Named The Food Of The Year…


Some may know them as the magical fruit, but after taking a look and all of the hearsay this super food maybe the magical fruit after all. Legumes have gained popularity as deemed by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, 2020 is the International Year of the Pulses. When referring to pulses we are referring to legumes that include beans, lentils, chickpeas, etc. Not all legumes are pulses, but all pulses belong to the legume family.

We know that legumes are not a fruit but as the old rhyme goes, indeed they are filled with fiber and other great nutrients that we could really benefit from this upcoming year. Pulses are in many of the foods that we enjoy, unless of course you are currently following a strict Paleo regimen that does not allow legumes in your daily meals. As we have understood, certain grains such as quinoa, the spotlight of 2013 according to the United Nations FAO, so it may be time to rethink the restrictions on your diet. Quinoa and similar grains have a lot to offer but it is time we give pulses a chance to shine.

These beans, lentils, chickpeas, or any pod harvested grain of the pulse family are filled with nutrients and healthful amino acids. They are particularly high in fiber, plant-based protein, healthy carbohydrates, lysine, iron, and vitamin B. These are all fantastic things for our bodies, but it is important to remember that we all process foods differently. If you do not keep up with a balanced diet and for some reason have feared the gas and temporary bloating that beans are known for, with a little getting used to your body will be able to digest the pulses properly allowing you to indulge freely.

It is no surprise that our bodies are capable of easing into not suffering from bloating and gas seeing as how many vegans and vegetarians get much of the protein in their diet from such foods. Aside from being nutritious for our bodies they also play a role in the environment that we live in. These are harvested legumes that have a very small carbon footprint and have nitrogen-fixing agents that make soil much more fertile, which is of course an added bonus.

Another tip that we should inform you of is that although these pulses contain iron, since it is plant based rather than from red meat, it can be harder for our bodies to absorb it. A way to enhance the absorption of iron is to complement the foods with others that are rich in Vitamin C such as lemons.

Now that you have acquired some insight on the latest super food trend for 2020 feel free to scope out a delicious new recipe and indulge. Enjoy!


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