Want to start living? Stop competing!

the dark side of competition

Competition is a verdict for yourself, to set limits.
People have different vibes and vibrate on different energetic levels.
Strawberry ice cream tastes different than Oreo cookie ice cream. Although they are the same ice cream, their smell and consistency are different.

Respect your place and nature

When looking for an answer on the outside – “Who am I? “You are doomed to be torn by jackals and vultures. And there is no point in being angry at them. They have a task at hand – to eat the bleeding flesh of those who have chosen to play the ego

When you’re a gazelle but don’t recognize that – you have the courage to go to the crocodiles. Because you want to be bigger than you have been given.

Too often by not accepting our nature we become a mesh. Crocodiles swallows us. Just like everyday life, if you go into a space where you don’t understand nor accept your limitations as human.

Respect your place and nature

When you are a fish – has the power to breathe in the next layer. You succeed in what giraffes have a hard time imagining. But you don’t have a chance to see the horizon that spans the vastness of the jungle. This is the answer to the question – is it possible to measure?
After all, you are a fish, your talents are the art of the bottom. Why do you dream so much about the shore? After all, he asked as soon as he entered. Love your space.
When you are an ant and looking at an elephant – you feel jealous – you are doomed to live meaningless.
It doesn’t matter to Elephant how strongly you sense your destiny. Because its nature is to be uncomfortably large.
The question is – which of them deserves nature the most?

There is no answer.

Because there is no device that would divide the world in two paths. It is only the human brain that wants to appreciate and choose the side of the forbidden, unattainable.
It is just a natural phenomenon that explains one simple truth – there is room for everyone.
Human competition with others – sets the limit for strength. It stops expanding because you give it a frame.

Your competition is slowing down. Because you become blind, doomed to go to a fight where sometimes you win, sometimes health and matter learn.

What’s the point of this game?

The only way is to feel the value of your life, which creates creativity. If you don’t feel value in a relationship with mom and dad, you will never see your greatness.
There is no point in competing because the world is an indivisible circle. In it, everyone – carries their own task. If you climb into another’s shoes, you will either be upset or die in vain.

Increase the internal volume. Not to place authority on others. When you truly get to meet yourself, have fun with it.

It is nearly impossible to feel safe on the inside, worthy of success, embrace your uniqueness until you reconnect with the foundation of your roots.  As long as we blame all the heartbreaks and misfortunes on our parents there is no way to break free and live your fullest life possible.

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