Why Women Kill

Why Women Kill

Are women really catty and superficial, or is this a fallacy perpetuated by the media and everyone else that we have been convinced by, to the point where I catch myself sometimes, actually looking for a catty, shameful and eye popping behavior from successful and especially pretty women.

Why Women Compete

Yesterday, while in a company of women on a newly discovered spiritual path we have come to a topic of Wetiko. If you are not familiar with it I highly recommend reading the book Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil. Conversations about evil or dark forces are never pleasant and especially if you have never really deeply thought of it. One of the women who truly illuminates with kindness and warmth has raised a question if she might also have it? What are the symptoms and why is there darkness. All very common questions after someone first hears of this. The answer is rather  simple. Enlightened person in the simplest of terms is someone who has the light, who not only is the light but he or she also shines the light into the darkness. Spiritually inclined embrace the darkness within and beyond of self. Light that can only be seen because of the darkness allows us to uncover that which is not yet known. Embracing it, going into the fear of the darkness is where we expand our capacity for life, life and love. Can it be that competition between women arises when their capacity to absorb destruction or create love are not in alignment?

Fear Of Reflection

What if there are parts of you that have yet not been discovered or allowed to be shined the light upon, parts that you openly or unconsciously have rejected, that you cannot tolerate are presented in another woman and her presence?

In a world where women know their self worth, love the inner child, the wise mother, the priestess in them – would there be a need to compete, demean, discriminate and put down. Eliminate the fear and the problem disappears. 

Next time you meet a strong, successful woman that creates chaos in your mind and evokes desire to dislike her ask yourself  what are the qualities in her provoking your negative thinking and if any of those qualities might be present in you?

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