Food Lovers Diet Review


They incorporated the knowledge of certified nutritionist Robert Ferguson to help formulate their diet plan. Their claim on the website, “Use the Foods you love to speed up your metabolism, burn fat, and lose weight” is somewhat misleading and overpromising. Because this diet is reliant on the books and DVD’s they provide you, it seems overpriced to spend $120.00 on learning simple tools. The program can be summed up like this: Make sure to eat every 3-4 hours, and when you do eat have a carbohydrate, a protein, a healthy fat, and a fruit or veggie, drink water, and exercise. I wouldn’t waste the money on an expensive program such as this.

Food Lovers Claims

They claim you are just moments away from changing your life, right before you purchase. With the tools and access to information on the internet, you can change your life with a little research for free.

They claim that they have a 100% Money Back Guarantee, which is great on their part. However, it is only for the first 8 weeks. Anything after that you will not get your money back.

The customer support representative claimed that if you don’t lose 25 pounds within the first 8 weeks you can get your money back. This was a very bold statement.

They claim that “Food is not the enemy; all you have to do is eat.” The wording on the website is very flippant, and over promises. I do not like how they mask portion control, and over promise with sayings such as this.

Food Lovers Scientific Backing

Their research when formulating their meal plans are done so with thought, and a certified nutritionist. To their credit, they are promoting healthy changes to one’s lifestyle that will keep weight off. The business model is what I am having a hard time with. Like I mentioned above, with the information on the internet today, there is no need to spend $120.00 on a recipe book essentially.

There is not a lot of information about their nutritionists on the web page either, which does not make a lot of sense when trying to sell your brand.

Is Food Lovers Effective?

Like anything, if you portion control and eat small healthful meals throughout the day you will improve your health. Based off reading the success stories, this program has worked for many people. It takes a lot of work, and a lot of reading which many people do not have time for. A downside is always having to carry the darn book with you everywhere you go. (My point to the internet is sounding much better right?)

Does Food Lovers Have Side Effects?

Because there are no technical “off limit” foods, this diet has left many people feeling unsatisfied. There are no major health related side effects known with this diet, as they are simply teaching people how to eat within healthy portions.

What Is Food Lovers Support Like?

Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Did I mention the customer service was terrible? I called in, and was not even asked what I was calling in about. He automatically wanted to try and sell me the fat loss system with the DVD’s CD’s cookbooks, and menu cards. When I told him I had a simple question about the products I would be receiving, he abruptly answered my question, and then gave me a different support phone number. I was then hung up on. Enough said here.

The Bottom Line

This program just seems unnecessary to me in general. It is overpriced, and you can get the basics just by looking online. I would not waste the time to try this program out, when I have the tools already at my fingertips. Beyond that, it is not for everyone because it is expensive. There are much more affordable ways to become a healthier you, and lose undesired weight.

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