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According to the Gabriel Method, it is an innovative approach to managing weight loss that was created by a man named Jon Gabriel. He suffered from obesity at one point in his life and underwent an overwhelmingly large change, leading him to lose over 220 pounds. He says that this change that he underwent was triggered emotionally and with a “holistic approach” such as the Gabriel Method, he overcame his obesity and lost weight. Jon proceeds to advertise this method of weight loss not as a “diet”, because he never participated in a “diet” when he lost his weight, rather a method that has to do with mentality. Getting a better grasp of what the Gabriel Method is all about, we see that he really emphasizes his own experience, but how successful is this method for others that want to lose weight as well? Does the Jon Gabriel method only work for Jon Gabriel?

The Gabriel Method is available through books on the market, a Visualization app., DVD sets and programs, one-on-one consultations over Skype or by phone, supplements, and more. Do not let all of these avenues of access fool you. Although I’m sure he has a story to share, a book about an experience or how to think about events in your life is not going to be the driving force for a sufficient change in weight loss. It just does not work that way. Next, his visualization app is a step by step voice over of a visualization based on the theme of your choice, to supposedly calm your mind and body and get into a deep sleep that might just help you to lose weight too? Jon Gabriel believes that if you can properly control your mind and emotions your body will want to get skinnier on it’s own. In turn, not want to eat poor foods, will want to be active, speed up its metabolism, etc. It just takes the correct mindset. The rough truth is that no matter what, it takes action. The action includes the two most basic properties of proper eating and exercise habits. With the mindset and no provided action, you will not succeed.

Aside from the medical reviews, Jon Gabriel himself achieved his bachelor degree in economics. Which does not give him any credibility with a psychology background, since ultimately this weight loss program is mental, how are we so sure that he has proper knowledge?

There have been plenty of studies done regarding emotions and eating habits. Although we are aware of these, there was no scientific or clinical proof provided on the website to serve as basis for this program. Therefore, there was not any scientific backing provided for this program.

These reviews are awesome, but ultimately it is going to take a lot more than changing your mindset. Of course having the right mindset is key in carrying out the actions necessary to lose weight, but just being aware will not make the difference. Without an informative nutrition guide you will not be able to tell your body which foods and which portions are necessary. Your mindset and body making changes on its own will not be able to do this by itself either. A program such as the Jon Gabriel Method is most likely not effective.

What Are The Gabriel Method Side Effects?

The most obvious negative side effect is that there is a high chance that this method just flat out does not work.

Although the side effects are not explicitly printed on the products or website, we read about some in the customer feedback. A customer reviewed the book on as the following:

“Overall, there’s a bit of good advice mixed in with a whole lot of non-sense. I’d say the book’s chief value is in emphasizing that our bodies are more in control of themselves, and diets in the conventional sense don’t work.”-Mackenzie

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