Is Medifast Right for You?


Medifast is a weight-loss diet plan that consists of replacing the majority of your meals with meals that are provided by Medifast and delivered directly to you. There are a lot of significant benefits that come along with Medifast, but there are certainly some drawbacks as well. If you are looking to lose weight, you may be asking yourself, “Is Medifast right for me?”. When trying to decide if this is the best way for you to lose weight, you’ll want to consider several things. Medifast reviews and testimonies, the basic structure of the program, the food the program includes, and any special diet needs or restrictions you may have are all a great place to start.  

How Medifast Works 

When deciding if Medifast is the right way for you to lose weight, you’ll first want to learn how the program actually works. Generally, you would order a 30-day kit at a time when choosing a Medifast plan, although they do offer 14-day options as well. That means you will usually be purchasing your whole month worth of food right off the bat. This provides a lot of benefits because it takes a lot of guess-work out of dieting for you. Everything is laid out for you very clearly. Having all of your meals this way makes eating very easy and convenient, which is one of the things you will find over and over in Medifast reviews.  

When you are doing the Medifast program, you will have most of the meals provided for you, but not all of them. There are two main options as far as the Medifast plans go. You can choose either Medifast Go! Or Medifast Flex. If you choose Medifast Go! you will receive enough food for five different Medifast meals and snacks each day. On top of that, you should be preparing yourself one “lean and green” meal each day. This meal will allow you some flexibility and control over what you eat, but you can get the recipes for these from Medifast for best results. Medifast reviews confirm that the Medifast Go! option is, indeed, the fastest and most convenient way to lose weight with Medifast.  

If you want to have more flexibility in your daily meals, Medifast Flex may be the better option of the Medifast plans for you. With Medifast Flex, you will receive enough Medifast meals to have 4 Medifast meals and snacks a day, and then you will be responsible for making two of your own “lean and green” meals as well as one healthy snack each day. Many writers of Medifast reviews agree that this plan works better for them because they like the additional flexibility the plan offers.  

Medifast Food Options 

One thing that is pretty cool about all of the Medifast plans is that they feature a wide variety of different meal and snack options. Medifast meals include all sorts of things from wild rice and chicken flavored soup and ziti marinara to mixed berry cereal crunch and garlic mashed potatoes. There is a wide variety. Many Medifast reviews reveal that some of the customer favorites are the snacks that come with their Medifast kits. You get to snack on things like honey mustard pretzel sticks, Dutch chocolate shakes, and even brownie soft bakes!  

Of course, there are very mixed Medifast reviews, and while some of the Medifast reviews out there just rave about how easy and tasty the Medifast meals are, there are definitely some Medifast reviews that talk about how unappetizing and even just disgusting they consider the meals to be. Unfortunately, this is one thing that you won’t know for yourself until you have actually tried it since everyone has different taste. However, Medifast does offer a pretty cool 30-day money-back guarantee. They promise that if, at any point in your first 30 days using Medifast, you are unsatisfied, you will get your money back.  

Dietary Needs and Restrictions 

Anytime that you are considering any new diet or weight-loss regimen, you need to carefully consider what your personal needs are and if you have any special dietary restrictions. Not all diets are appropriate for all people, especially those that do have dietary restrictions. Those people that suffer with diabetes, for example, require a special diet. In the case of diabetes, Medifast might actually be a really great option. That’s because Medifast plans include high levels of protein, plenty of veggies, and low carbs and sugar – the ideal diet for someone suffering from diabetes. Medifast even offers a unique guide to help sufferers of diabetes to make Medifast work even better for them.  

Medifast also offers several other guides that help people with different special dietary needs or restrictions to adapt Medifast to their own needs. The guides that they provide for these special dietary needs include a gluten-free guide, a vegetarian guide, a guide for nursing mothers, and a guide for those over the age of 65. These guides are actually a really cool thing, and Medifast reviews also reveal that customers appreciate that Medifast considers their entire customer base. Of course, even with this particular consideration, Medifast still won’t be a good choice for all dietary restrictions or needs. You will have to take a good look at the Medifast plans available and consider if they will be appropriate for your own dietary needs.  

Your Weight Loss Expectations 

When it comes to starting a new diet and weight-loss plan, one key to success is your mindset. One of the best ways to make sure that you have and keep a proper, positive mindset about your weight-loss is to have realistic goals and expectations. Medifast does not promise crazy, instant results when it comes to losing weight. In fact, they say that you can expect to lose only a small amount of weight per week. Of course, that does match up with the goals of many and losing weight slowing and gradually is typically the healthiest way to do so.  

With that said, the Medifast program cuts calories down to a caloric intake of only 800-1000 calories each day. That is a massive cut in caloric intake for most people, and it would be hard not to lose weight with that number of calories each day. The low caloric intake is another thing that you will need to consider when deciding if Medifast is right for you or not. Some Medifast reviews mention extreme or constant hunger while doing the plan and that isn’t necessarily good for you either. If you are extremely active, you may just need more calories to remain healthy.  

One more thing to think about when it comes to your weight-loss expectations with Medifast is what your long-term goals are. You can certainly lose weight when you are using the Medifast program – there are plenty of Medifast reviews and testimonials that show this. However, some Medifast reviews talk about how Medifast isn’t completely friendly when it comes to long-term weight-loss and maintaining a healthy weight once you have lost the weight you want to lose and have finished your Medifast plan(s). Of course, a considerable part of that is merely the choices that you make for your diet once you have finished with Medifast. You’ll also need to consider the other aspects of your health such as maintaining a healthy activity level that matches well with your diet.  

Final Considerations 

If you have decided that Medifast will fit well with your dietary needs and you like the sound of the foods that will be available on the Medifast plan. If you also have realistic expectations about your weight-loss potential with Medifast, then there are just a few more things that you will want to think about before deciding if Medifast is really the right choice for you.  

The first thing to think about is your food budget. A Medifast plan costs about $300-$400 for 30 days of food. That is a pretty steep price considering it is only most of the food and it’s just enough for one person. There are Medifast reviews on both sides of this with some customers saying that it is absolutely worth it, while other customers seem to think that it is a complete waste of money.  

That is something that you have to think about in regard to your own personal situation. Will your budget allow for it? Are you comfortable spending that amount on a diet-plan? When looking at Medifast reviews, do you feel like you will think that the cost is worth the results you hope to get from the plan? 

Finally, you will need to think about if the Medifast plan will be practical for you and your lifestyle. Do you go out much? Is eating with friends an essential and regular part of your life? A Medifast plan can complicate these things. However, Medifast does offer a guide on eating out while on one of the Medifast plans, so that could potentially help to solve that problem. It is essential to put a good amount of thought and consideration into it before you start a new weight-loss plan. Medifast reviews make it clear that this is a very personal thing and you need to really think about your situation when deciding if Medifast is right for you or not.  

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