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Isagenix Diet Review

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What Is Isagenix

Isagenix was founded in April of 2002, and is a multi-level marketing business that aims to sign individuals up to be brand ambassadors. Based out of Chandler, AZ, they sell nutritional products such as protein shakes, weight loss supplements, diet snacks, and meals. When calling into their support line, I was routed through three different systems to simply talk to one person about some general questions. This was a long process to simply talk to someone real, so I would try to get your questions answered in one shot versus having to call in multiple times. When they try to sell customers on becoming millionaires by selling their product, I already have a gut feeling that this is too good to be true. To see the Isagenix program reviewed by the Better Business Bureau. When dealing with multi-level marketing platforms, it can be hard to get a straight answer because it’s difficult to distinguish between who was a rep trying to make their way up the pyramid, and who was a genuine customer with feedback. The Isagenix website is only going to post fabulous reviews, so I searched other outlets for raw feedback.There was a more negative outcome with customer reviews on the internet, when compared to the actual website. Some people said it was a complete waste of money, while there were only a select few who saw results. Once again, it is hard to distinguish who is a rep and who is not. There is no real scientific evidence behind the actual products themselves on the website, more or less there is information on how to use their products. We have found some reviews available outside the official or distributor sites:

Please don’t waste your money on this product! I was super excited when I heard about this product, and how well it supposedly worked. I followed the directions to make my first shake, and the taste was terrible! It doesn’t taste like chocolate at all. It is very chalky and has a texture like cake batter. Over the next week I tried adding peanut butter and fruit, but nothing made it taste better. Also, it didn’t keep me feeling full either, each day that I took the shake, I would end up with a bad headache every afternoon.”  Jessica

I got this because the review looked good. I have tried other mixes and couldn’t use them because of their content and me having a bad reaction. I bought this and tried it for almost 60 day which is what most nutritionist would suggest for something to truly have a chance to work as it should. First let me say that is taste horrible. I tried to add fruit to the mix and all and I still had a hard time drinking. Also it didn’t mix well no matter what temp water I used. I wish I could return after this epic fail. I didn’t have a weight loss success and it was not satisfying to my appetite at all. Would not recommend to anyone. Not worth the money at all“. Denise

Isagenix Scientific Backing

As far as scientific backing and clinical trials, the company does not make it easy to find out the real details behind the science of their product. There is no tab on their website talking about the development of the product. They provided the only clinical study I could find in small print on their 22-page booklet on how to take their product: All of the descriptions are vague and full of fluff. The transparency is not there, when taking a deeper dive into what you will be consuming. Good reviews can simply be purchased, which has me thinking that this mega company has invested their money in trying to pull popularity through reviews on their website. To see the reviews click here.

Is The Isagenix Diet Easy To Follow?

No, it does not appear to be easy to follow.* There are many different products that Isagenix offers, but the most popular package to buy is the 30-day Cleansing and Fat Burning System. You are required to replace one normal meal with one Isalean shake, accompanied with a 400-600 calorie diet to start out on the “shake days.” On the cleanse days, they were unclear whether or not you could eat. I am assuming you cannot, so you are required to take four cleanse servings along with four snacks for the day. In the 30-day system you are allowed 26 “Shake Days” and four “Cleanse Days.” Because this program promotes intermittent fasting, you may feel light-headed, and it can do long-term damage to your metabolism.


You can purchase Isagenix on multiple different sites such as Amazon, the Isagenix site, and Ebay. I believe this company is just another multi-level marketing company that offers nutritional supplements with little to no benefits for your overall health. I would call them a multi-level marketing scam myself, because of the inaccurate reviews on their website versus the rest of the internet.  Distributors go out of their way to plant positive reviews without clearly disclosing that they have interest in company’s good reputation.

The cost of the 30-day system can run over $300.00, which is over-the-top expensive, when there are red flags present. I do not feel that this diet program is worth the investment or the time!*

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