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We take a look at Medifast’s reality-based weight-loss plan. Medifast is a huge player in the diet industry with the company worth over a colossal $1.4 billion. So, should you choose Medifast for your diet? We sift through some stats and Medifast reviews to give you the basic facts at a glance.

Medifast In A Nutshell

You eat 5 small Medifast replacement meals per day. And then one main meal which you will have to create yourself.

Medifast Claims

Lose 2 -5 pounds in the first two weeks. 1 -2 pounds from then on after.

Medifast Diet Meal Replacements

There are approximately 70 meal replacements to choose from. There are shakes, soups, brownies, mashed potatoes, popcorn, chips, smoothies and more.How many calories will I eat? The meal replacements and your additional meal are designed to provide 800-1000 calories. How much will Medifast cost me? A 4-week supply of meal replacements shipped to your home costs around $300.

Medifast Diet Reviews

In terms, of Medifast reviews, there are good and bad, Some love the program but some find the food unappetizing. Also, please note that many Medifast products include soy. If you have a soy intolerance this product can make you very sick.

Is Medifast Diet Worth A Try?

It depends. Medifast is safe and approved by doctors so if you like this style of dieting and have the budget, then it could be for you. However, I am not keen on the low-calorie count as it can lead to binge eating. That said if you like the meal replacements you can always use them as part of a diet plan which provides additional calories. Simply boost calories by eating an additional meal replacement or making a more calorific meal.

Replacing Meals?

I’m not an overall fan of many meal replacements as a rule. It’s expensive for a start. And by the very definition “meal replacement” it cannot realistically claim to teach people how to eat normally and healthily in the long term. Another thing, I can never understand is diet milkshake meal replacements. Why replace a filling meal for a hungry dieter with a drink suitable for those convalescing with no appetite? It has always perplexed me. The shakes are only the norm since diet replacement firms aim to cram multivitamins and nutrients cheaply into a “meal replacement.” In my opinion, you’d be far better off eating something filling rather than drinking something on a calorie restricted diet.

Final Thoughts About Medifast Diet

I also prefer to eat the best food possible such as sushi on a low calorie diet not unappetizing powdered food out of packets. But if you don’t like cooking and like the idea of calorie counted snacks, it may be worth checking out. For long term weight loss and to learn a healthy eating program for life, for most people it’s best and cheaper to choose a reputable slimming class.

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