Oxycise! Review

Oxycise! Review

Oxycise! was created by a woman by the name of Jill Johnson. A woman that supposedly has a passion for assisting men and other women in their weight loss journeys, because she says she went through this very process herself. After several years of struggling with her weight fluctuation, keeping it off, and the various diet fads, she claims to have researched and developed the perfect solution. Unlike most diets, this program does not include any sort of supplements or intense workouts. Oxycise!, when it all comes down to it, is simply a breathing technique. If you are anything like me, you are probably extremely skeptical of this product. If it truly was as easy as following a certain breathing technique to make a life-changing alteration to your weight, why would the thousands upon thousands of weight loss products on the market even be a question?

Oxycise! is a program that can be completely carried out for free in the comfort of your own home. According to the website, “Oxycise! is a simple, powerful diaphragmatic breathing technique combined with flexing and contracting of all muscle groups”. However, as we know everything has a price! In order to follow the “proper” breathing technique there is a set of DVD’s, Book, and a CD available for purchase for $39.95 (at an introductory discount), when usually it costs just under $60. The fact that this process is said to help you lose weight with something as natural and simplistic as oxygen, seems to good to be true.

Oxycise! Claims

There are several claims made by the founder, Jill Johnson, herself. The first claim made is “you will learn exactly what to do to reach a healthy weight and maintain it for life”. (Oxycise.com) The words “for life” are quite a promise. Considering the fact that this program is based on breathing techniques, is it worth a whole $60 to $90 dollars to learn how to supposedly breathe yourself skinny?

Another claim made is that “the inches fall off steadily and healthily in only 15 minutes a day with the power of oxygen.”(Oxycise.com) This claim is one that I found astounding. The “inches fall off steadily” part of the claim is pretty interesting since chances are if you are already in great shape (as many of the athlete testimonials prove), inches will not just be falling off. Is it really so that if you only have 5 pounds to lose, this exercise will help you to achieve just that? Same goes for if you have 50 pounds to lose? Following the amount of weight lost, the time seems pretty quick. It claims you will see a difference by just taking part in these techniques for 15 minutes a day. These claims are both unrealistic, and not easy to believe.

“With Oxycise! you can get in shape without changing the way you eat.”(Oxycise.com) Unlike the last two claims that may have seemed a little farfetched at first, this claim is most definitely faulty. It is common knowledge that nutrition most definitely plays a role in weight gain and even further, health. If these breathing techniques are all that they are said to be, they still cannot disregard that fact that the foods you consume affect your shape and health.

Does Oxycise! Have Scientific Backing?

Well, right off the bat there is a line repeated on the homepage of the company website that reads “fat oxidizes into carbon dioxide”, hence the name Oxycise! The oxidation process is a natural process that occurs through the simple act of breathing. In taking deeps breaths and controlling your muscles, the fat is said to be released from your body in the form of carbon dioxide. After making such a statement, I was curious as to the scientific research that was noted to give it support. It turns out that there are several explanations featured on the website in the FAQ sections and such. Further, there are links and scientific findings from different Universities to back the claims that can be found on the “articles” webpage. 

Is Oxycise! Effective?

At least this program has been around long enough to give us a sufficient amount of reviews and feedback. With positive feedback on the results of this product, it seems as though it may be effective to a certain extent. However, there were quite a few critical reviews about how outdated it was and that it was essentially a glorified yoga instruction. One even went to say she experienced gaining weight.

“ …If you want the dvd for the stretches it is wonderful, I highly recommend it for the stretches alone. In the 2 weeks I did the breathing exercises with stretches my waist increased 1.5 inches and in everything else went up 1 inch. I wasn’t feasting on food. I was shocked, I think it’s just the breathing technique does not work for me. I’m doing the breathing properly. I was hoping to have a different Outcome.” –Amazon Customer

Along with the critical reviews, there were positive reviews on the actual website itself. Whether they be for marketing use or honest testimonials, I do not want to fail to mention that they were indeed present.

“… I started a challenge for January 2016 and we are 7 days in….I’ve lost 3″ and 2.4lbs in a week… “ –Cindy Hansen, Oxycise! Consumer

Keep in mind that many of the reviews pertained to the breathing techniques and introductory guides, but did not necessarily take into account the importance of eating well. Although a relatively healthy diet is promoted, it is not “required” by this program. Taking long-term effects into consideration, nutrition is the ultimate foundation for your body. No matter how effective the breathing and muscle movements may be, a balanced diet is vital to success in both weight loss and health itself.

What are Oxycise! Side Effects?

Considering the fact that this is a completely natural process, there are not any noted side effects. Keep in mind that this is a program to be followed for 15 minutes a day and is meant to eventually just become a part of your daily routine. We all are well aware the importance of breathing and how important it is for all of our internal organs, tissues, and blood cells to receive oxygen. That being said, there is not much negative that comes with paying an extra 15 minutes of attention a day to your breathing. As long as you take deep breaths and do not cause a shortage, you should be not come across any damage. Although this is important, it does not mean that spending this chunk of money to learn breathing exercises is guaranteed to have you lose weight or even show you something you don’t already do. 

Oxycise! Support

Oxycise! offers a phone number- 1(800) OXYCISE- that can be reached at any point Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. MST. They provide you with a support address: info@oxycise.com, as well as a “Contact Us” form in which you can fill out your info and submit an inquiry.

There is a newsletter, media room, creative outlet, ambassador program, and Facebook page for Oxycise! customers to interact with. This provides the individual with different platforms to share their experiences with the product and possibly inspire others in the community.

In the case that you are not content with your purchase, you are entitled to a full refund. In order to receive the refund (not including shipping and handling costs), you must return the product within 30 days of making the purchase.

Bottom Line

Oxycise! Is a natural weight loss program in which fat is supposedly released in the form of carbon dioxide simply through the “proper” breathing techniques that are taught in this Oxycise! program. This program claims to provide you with guides and tools to train yourself to take deep breaths and activate the proper muscle function to burn fat and shed unwanted pounds. Overall, they do provide information about the product development, research and findings, effectiveness, and creating customer engagement through several avenues of support which is something that many products on the market fail to do. Keep in mind that although this program hits a lot of the spots, it fails to require a balanced diet and may just be a glorified series of yoga stretches that is essentially not worth paying all of that money for. If you are looking to be guaranteed weight loss and energy I would recommend that you instead seek a program that provides you with all of the aspects necessary for success including a balanced diet and exercise routine. 

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