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Provida Life Sciences is an online corporation that has several fitness and nutrition products on the market. This variety of products includes programs, DVD’s, cookbooks, supplements, and more. Their ultimate focus is supposedly on the health of the consumer and their families.  Provida’s brands have dimmed down into the main Food Lovers Fat Loss System and Food Lovers Fat Loss System Online. Aside from these programs, they offer several supplements and books to attempt to aid in exercise and weight loss. Since there are several avenues for the consumer to test out, it is tough to guarantee success. For example, the first program they offer is known as “Food Lovers Fat Loss System”, this is geared toward clients that are not looking for a restrictive diet, but instead learning how to eat their favorite foods in the proper portions and ratios. Understanding portion sizes is important, but that is just one small factor of what it takes to be successful in making a change in your life. Do you need to pay just about $140 to understand the proper portion sizes? We think most definitely not. It is going to take a lot more than a simple portions guide to make a long lasting change. Just a quick reminder that the foods you consume, DO indeed matter and if you are eating small portions of unhealthy foods, you are not helping yourself or your health in the future.

Provida Claims

Provida claims that their products “will work”. They do offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee for any customers that do not benefit from their products.

A claim that they make is that their products will create dramatic results for families with the use of their products. This is a very vague claim. Of course, reducing intake and portions sizes will make for a change, so will adding supplements to your diet. But what kind of changes effect the whole family? Unfortunately there is no scientific backing or proof which leads us to think that this may just be puffery.

Lastly, they pride themselves on their practicality. In their promise of success they mention that their practical programs are far more effective than any other fat loss programs such as those fad diets and starvation methods. This is quite a claim. Who’s to say some customers may not feel like they are starving when following these strict portions? After making such a statement, you would assume that they would provide some scientific proof on the website backing up the claim that they are more effective than any other fat loss program.

Does Provida Have Scientific Backing?

Overall, there are no peer reviewed scientific articles to prove that these products work. For us, this means that there is simply not enough to believe that this product is worth purchasing. Depending on which product you decide to go with from Provida Life Sciences, the extent of scientific backing differs. For example, the DVDs do not have any given scientific backing. On the other hand, the supplements claim that they have “researched ingredients” but do not provide sources or proof on the website. This raises the question of whether or not the makers are using puffery to their advantage or have simply left out a critical portion of proof for some odd reason.

Is Provida Effective in Weight Loss?

Provida has quite a few different products, some of the products are sold by themselves such as the supplements, and then the others in the form of programs. The most effective diets have a balance of nutrition and exercise that they hold you accountable to. That being said, what Provida has to offer does not necessarily put everything into play. They sell a plethora of products but just expect you to put it all into proper routine on your own. This is not what you are looking for. Sure if you buy a supplement here, try this workout there, and eat small amounts of food, there is a chance you’ll come up with the right mix, but that is not ideal. First of all there is no guarantee that any of their products are scientifically engineered for success. Second, why waste time and money trying to come up with the right formula and entrusting a brand with no customer support and lack of scientific evidence, when you can find your solution in another program?

Further there are two different web pages for their “Food Lovers Fat Loss System”. Depending on where you access the page from, with completely different designs, this raises quite a bit of confusion as to whether or not this product is faulty and even further if it is effective in anyway whatsoever?

What are Provida’s Side Effects?

There are not any explicit side effects that they warn you of prior to consuming their supplements or participating in their plans. In looking at the products that they have advertised on their website. The anxiety and mood boosting pills by the name of Symetrin, raise concern. Most often times pills that have these abilities are prescribed by a doctor. Although they claim that they are non-addictive and can be taken daily, it is always best to run it by a physician first. Naturally there are side effects with taking medications that should be forewarned to customers, but are not in this case. Other side effects that could arise would be fatigue or headaches when altering your diet so drastically as certain plans or slimming supplements from Provida call for. This is natural, but a disclaimer should be provided for those of you that are unfamiliar with participating in such programs.

Provida Support

Provida Life Sciences fools you with their phony supportive community. When it comes to the customer and any questions you have regarding the product or further information, you are provided with a support email as well as a “customer care and corporate offices” phone number -(877) 776-8432-.

I was very caught off guard by Provida and their “customer support” phone line that they provided. After calling this number, it went to an automated response asking if I were 50 years or older. Then once you click that option, you must take part in a survey with a chance to win a cruise. I am sorry, but I am looking for answers regarding my new purchase or interest in the diet, not a free cruise? After the survey, they say “Thank You for participating and Goodbye”. I tried calling back, and the automated response says “this phone number can no longer be dialed from your area. This is the phone number given on the Provida website itself. Not even one of their specialized products. This just screams scam. This is faulty support and extremely unprofessional. You can bet that you will not receive any responses or feedback on inquiries you may have. How are you going to make a lifestyle change with support like that? How are you going to make sure that you get that money back guarantee?

Bottom Line

Provida Life Sciences is a corporation that does not hold true to it’s name. Do not let the “sciences” fool you. This corporation oversees a number of supplements, products, and diet programs. None of which are backed by scientific proof or research. Their lack of customer service when it came down to picking up the phone and giving them a call for more insight was alarming. Lastly, there is no full on step-by-step program to guarantee you with success on your journey. With a plethora of random products how are you so sure as to which ones to spend your time and money on? With that in mind, we do not recommend Provida and their programs. We advise you to look into another option that is guaranteed to leave you energized, help you shed unwanted pounds, and overall health.

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