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RealDose Diet review

The Realdose Nutrition System based out of Colorado claims that the reason you are not losing weight is because of a hormonal imbalance. This already had me scratching my head, as there are many other factors that cause weight gain. The company sells an expensive bottle of pills, fish oils, meal replacement shake, and an antioxidant blend of real reds essentially. The pills in general are said to decrease your appetite and remove the four fat burning hormonal barriers. One bottle of Realdose pills cost $67.00 for a 30-day supply. The ordering process is somewhat easy, but the clinical research behind the products is quite confusing.

RealDose Claims

What makes Realdose appear credible is the face of their brand Dr. Steven Sisskind. He is the first thing you will see on the website. For starters the pills contain ingredients: Piper Betle Leaf, Dolichos Biflorus seed extracts, green coffee bean extract, and Rhodiola Rosea. The piper betle leaf and dolichos biflorus seed extract are said to increase fat burning cells, and decrease your hunger all together. The green coffee bean extract is meant to prevent carbs turning into fat, and last the rhodiola rosea is meant to reduce anxiety and stress that produces cortisol. This is all great, but the final ingredient that they snuck in at the bottom is their patented ingredient named “Bioprene” which they give no information about except that is absorbs the other ingredients.

After doing research on “Bioprene” its humorous definition is “body fat” which I found ironic. Overall, I found there is little to no research on the core ingredients of this product based off of what they are portraying on their website. The products as a standalone form of weight loss, aside from eating healthy and exercise doesn’t give me hope in their formula.

They claim to have a 365 money back guarantee. Thankfully.

RealDose Scientific Backing

The backing for Realdose is in the 3 natural ingredients, but the way they conducted their clinical research is confusing to say the least, with sources and definitions everywhere. There have been numerous reviews about the single products not doing their jobs without incorporating proper diet and exercise. To me, why waste the money on the expensive pills, and drinks? Instead you could have a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and invest in a simple herbal supplement. They offer a nutritional guide and coaching along the way which is nice, but it makes me wonder if you even need their expensive supplements at all.

Is RealDose Effective?

The problem I have with Realdose is the claim that you will lose double the weight in place of proper diet and exercise. This makes me feel like their products are trying to be a cop-out to the alternative which is educating on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There is no quick fix, there is education about supplements and hard work amongst a healthy diet and exercise. Having the weight loss drink, fish oils, and real red drink are simply ways to make more money as a company. Overall, it might help you see results quickly but the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle doesn’t seem to follow.

Does RealDose Have Side Effects?

Because this product is all natural there are no major side effects reported. It is always a good idea to check in on the ingredients listed, however because they fairly unknown to the majority of the consumers.

What Is RealDose Support Like?

The support line was rather long and drawn out. At the beginning of the call it is a long automated script with different numbers to push for what service you need. I just wanted to speak with a live representative right then and there. Their business hours are also very short: 9am-4pm EST. This is not even a full business day and my questions were not answered when I needed them to be. When I called back in I immediately was routed to a representative whose phone line was cutting in and out. I was mainly wanting to know about their auto refill program and details about this. You have to sign up every 1-6 months and get a notification ten days before the shipment sends out. To cancel you have to manually log into your account and “pause” as they call it.

On their social media sites, it was very clear to me that they had a lot of followers but little to no activity. Their last post was on September 16, 2015 which was nearly 3 months ago! Their social media is almost nonexistent.

The Bottom Line

Overall my consensus on the Realdose Nutrition system is “not convinced”. While they have a nutritional system with an array of products, I do not feel like their products are worth the expensive investment. The auto ship program is also a red flag in my book, as this is another way to maximize the spending efforts of the consumer.

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