Rip 60 Review

Rip 60 Review

Rip 60 is a workout plan that uses at home equipment installments, videos, and recipes to try and assist people achieve their “dream body” in 60 days. That claim right there is an exaggerated statement that automatically has me skeptical of the program. This workout is often compared to P90x and is featured on several websites including Amazon and other equipment websites such as Free Motion. However, Rip 60 does not have it’s own website. Without a home and sales page, there is a lot of room for concern. If this program were well established and successful wouldn’t they have a website for it? To see how well this program works, you as the consumer would have a lot of research to do? Fear not, I have done it for you.

Rip 60 comes with DVD’s, a nutritional guide, and cords to attach to a door-frame for at home workouts. Keep in mind these cords are not designed to support anyone over 300 pounds. Some of you may be under this weight, but others may not be. If you are not under 300 pounds, you must stop right here because unfortunately this particular exercise program does not have a solution for you (or any of us for that matter). This program is normally sold for about $120 or online at Walmart for about $72. After purchasing this main package, there are other pieces of equipment that can be pricey and mandatory in order to perform some of the workouts properly, which can add up of course. They offer a 90-day limited warranty, but it is vague as to if that is only offered on Amazon and what it even entails (Something a website and some support could alleviate).

The workouts that make up this program are predominantly high intensity workouts. For many of us looking for a new diet, we are not looking to jump right into high intensity exercises so this may not be the best if you are a beginner to this whole change of lifestyle deal.  Also another thing to be aware of is that there are professionals such as Jillian Michaels and other in-shape figures that are you leading you in the workouts on their own without others just like you on the screen. For some this may be “fitspiration” and for others it may be unrealistic and discouraging. Whether you find this inspiring or not, the bottom line is that Rip 60 does not meet the simple qualifications to be a recommendable diet and program.

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Rip 60 Claims

As we can see by the name of the plan, Rip 60 claims to have your body completely made over in the short time frame of 60 days. If you are eating healthy and participating in high intensity workouts daily, you are bound to shed some pounds. Although, long-term success is far from guaranteed. With that in mind, there are precautions to be aware of.

The first is that this program only lasts for 60 days so the results are short term, rather than a full on lifestyle change. Sure, they provide you with a 60-day nutrition guide. But again, what happens when those two months end? In undergoing programs that will truly work for a long lasting period of time it is important to look for sustainable programs. The easiest determinant of a sustainable program is if they offer follow up guides, nutrition plans, workouts, and customer support. This will allow you to carry out a full on lifestyle change at your own pace and in a manner that your body allows for. Believe it or not you will not follow a high intensity workout and bland 60-day nutrition guide over and over for the rest of your life. However, if you have the tools to form the proper habits, you have much greater chances of success. Unfortunately, these tools are not provided with this program in particular.

Does Rip 60 Have Scientific Backing?

There is very little background information on the program. It has been endorsed by Jillian Michaels, the Star trainer of the Biggest Loser, which has been enough to persuade many individuals to take on the challenge, but it is not enough to persuade me. Without any scientific proof or research provided, who’s to say the foods they are telling you to eat, the portions they provide, and the types of workouts they say to take part in are the best for you?

One must always take caution when making drastic changes to their nutrition and exercise routine. Sometimes a plan that works well for others may not fit your personal needs and be beneficial to you. Using cords and different equipment installments in your home can cause more of a headache often times and leaves a lot of room for error and questions. But without much knowledge on the product, how are you to get clarity and direction with your new purchase and program that you were hoping would change your life? Seems a bit too risky…

Is Rip 60 Effective in Weight Loss?

As mentioned earlier, it is much more difficult for this program to be effective if the client has not had prior exercise routines. A high intensity workout can be difficult to just jump into. The other issue that may diminish the effectiveness is the nutrition plan. The meals that they recommend are foods that are very low in calories and are not tailored in a way that can be applied to a variety of eating habits. In other words, they do not give you many options depending on what type of eater you are. If you are a picky eater or have certain allergies, it will be difficult for you to follow such a plan. The food you eat plays a large role in the amount of pounds you will shed. Without customer support how will you know which replacement ingredients will be beneficial or not?

Another issue when it comes to the success of this program is the time frame allotted for this program. It is not designed to help you long-term. Rather, it is a 60 day plan to supposedly get you there quickly, but after those 60 days are over you will not have created a realistic routine for yourself to carry out for the long term.

Plans have been seen to be effective for those that already have a pretty strict diet and workout routine and are just trying to amp their habits to the next level. For those of you that are just getting started, this diet plan is not effective. This is most definitely not the diet for you if you are looking to make significant changes to your lifestyle for good. On the other hand, those that just are looking for something to step up what you already have going, I would still advise that you be aware of the lack of support available with the purchase of this program.

What are Rip 60 Side Effects?

The negative side effects to be aware of could derive from overworking yourself and pushing your body beyond it’s limits if you are not used to working out. The other negative side effects would be the way your body reacts to following a low calorie and restrictive diet. Restrictive diets are not only difficult to sustain but there is also no scientific proof to the diets they provide you with. Therefore, how can you be so sure that it is the best nutrition for your body and future health?

Rip 60 Support

There is no support for this product in particular. Depending on where you purchase this product there may be a general phone number, such as Walmart. As far as a specialist for the product, there is no information given. Once you make the purchase it is up to you to hold yourself accountable and follow the food guide and videos. There is a Facebook page that offers other exercise tips and updates, as well as a Twitter page with giveaways and such. Although there is not any phone or email support to go along with the program, the return policies and money back guarantee are all based off of which platform you make your purchase. The terms and conditions for purchasing the product off of may differ entirely than making the purchase off of

While there is not necessarily a money back guarantee, there is a 90 day limited warranty available for the program. Whether the details on the warranty are only available upon placing an order or from the retailer itself, there is no straight-forward explanation. It is mentioned on the description of the product on Amazon that a warranty is available, but no further details. The problem that arises here is that sure there may be a warranty on the equipment, but most people undergoing such a change need support, guidance, and assurance. With no provided direct email, phone number, or community forum, this support is un-achievable.

Bottom Line

Pros Cons
•    60 Day Nutrition Guide

•    Workout videos feature recognizable Personal Trainers.

•    Lack of Customer Support

•    No scientific evidence
•    Price differences depending on location of purchase
•    Varying Money Back Guarantee

Rip 60 is an at home workout that claims to have you ripped and in your best shape in a quick 60 days. As we can conclude from my research, there is hardly and scientific proof other than the obvious and very little support so you must be very committed and self-disciplined in order to see results of any kind. If you are looking for a program to kick-start your weight loss journey, a program like this is not what you are looking for. On the other hand if you are in pretty good shape and already participate in a consistent workout routine, this may be an option, but hopefully you are fine with being on your own and not seeking any guidance. Overall, a program such as Rip 60 is not sustainable and does not provide enough information for us to recognize it as a reputable program. Instead, we advise that you seek a program that is certain to help you lose muscle tenderness, bloating, unwanted pounds, and leave you feeling energized!

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