Seattle Sutton Diet Review

Seattle Sutton Diet Review

This program is a meal delivery service, and the customer will not set foot in their kitchen. All meals are pre-made at a facility, and shipped out weekly. You receive 21 meals per week, and you do not get to choose the meals. In 2006 the company was catering to 8,100 clients and in 2015 their numbers have dwindled to 3,000 clients. If you like to cook, or enjoy having the freedom to go to the grocery store, this program is not for you! Because this is essentially a meal delivery service, it is very costly for one individual.

Seattle Sutton Diet Claims

The Seattle Sutton Healthy Eating organization claims that all of their food is made fresh, and will last up to five days in your refrigerator. They also claim you can mix and match your meals to any hour of the day. Their main concern is calories in vs. calories out. Lastly, the company claims that they are simply a meal service program, they are not willing to counsel any of their customers in the process. This overall is not a well-rounded diet program with support, and their main focus is producing mass amounts of calorie controlled meals to ship around the country. They allow their clients to pick up their meals from facilities in Minnesota and Illinois if they live in the area, which can be a hassle for some with a busy schedule.

Seattle Sutton Diet Scientific Backing

It is mentioned on their website, that the overall knowledge when choosing the foods are from certified dieticians, not doctors. There have been many articles published regarding Seattle Sutton’s success but regarding the scientific backing behind the food quality itself there is little to no information. When asked about “organic” produce versus “non-organic” they replied: “Some are organic, but not all because we serve such a variety and it is not always available.” Because they are making their meals in bulk, they are going to try and cut down on costs anywhere they can.

Is Seattle Sutton Diet Effective?

Because the environment of this program is so controlled, yes it has worked for many. It will take discipline to strictly eat the meals provided to you. The customer has the option to choose between a 1,200 or 2,000 traditional calorie-a-day meal plan. Or you have the option to choose a 1,200 calorie vegetarian plan. They keep it simple in this regard. If the customer stays on their meal plan only, they will surely lose weight. For one individual, the cost is roughly around $153.00 dollars for 21 meals. The problem many people have with this program, is the amount of food being either too small (1,200 calories) or too much (2,000 calories). There were also complaints of a “meat overload” in each dish before they added in a vegetarian plan.

Does Seattle Sutton Diet Have Side Effects?

There are no known negative side effects from this eating program. Some complaints have been around the freshness and quality of the meals, and the inability to choose what meals you receive. This program serves the same meals to all of their clients, with a 5 week rotating menu. The customer base is aimed towards people who are unable to cook for themselves due to health constraints, diabetes, heart disease, or the inability to drive. One client claimed that she was sick and tired of meat in every one of her meals, and after the program has not been able to eat Turkey.

What Is Seattle Sutton Diet Support Like?

The Seattle Sutton organization are not counselors, but they do provide a blog for the customers to read through with tips. Overall their social media activity was low, and there little to no participation from their followers. When calling into their support line they were helpful and ready to answer any questions that I had. No complaints, as they were easy to get ahold of. Their business is straight forward on the website, but be mindful that once you order there is a no money back guarantee on the meals.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this meal delivery program fits the mold for some individuals who are unable to cook for themselves. This program does it all for you, which does not prepare the individual to be healthy on their own. The meals are strict, and you are unable to choose what you eat. There is nothing dangerous regarding this eating program, however it is very expensive for one person alone. With their non-refund policy and expensive meal plans, this program caters to only a select group of people.

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