Skinny Fiber Review

Skinny Fiber review

Skinny Fiber Diet is a supplement sold by The starter pack bottle is currently sold on their website for $59.99 (30% off original price) for a limited time and on Amazon for a discounted price. But who knows how long a limited time price lasts these days? Keep in mind when looking at deals on products that are advertised in this way, that if there is no given date that the offer ends, chances are that it is a marketing ploy to get you to make the purchase sooner. The website features three other products by the names of SkinnyBodMAX, HiBurn8, and Instant Youth. The website includes the home sales page and a page with ingredients that pertain to Skinny Fiber. The other pages are dedicated to each of the other products on the market by Skinny Body Care. That being said, there is very little information on the product and its effectiveness. They use a five-minute video and three testimonial images on their sales page to give the consumer brief information about the product. According to Skinny Body Care, the most important key to losing weight is making sure that your body is in the right condition to lose weight. According to Skinny Fiber representatives, no matter how much one alters their diet and exercise routine, if your body is not fortified with the proper nutrients, the chances of finding success in weight loss is slim. Sure you can make statements like that, but there is no scientific evidence to prove that their product is what will give your body the proper nutrients.

There is very limited information on this product. The most information provided is regarding the ingredients used in the product itself. In fact, when you search the product there is more detailed information on sites that have reviewed the product rather than the actual company page. This product has been around for about 7 years and only has three testimonials to share? This is not a good sign. If the product was the effective, there would be plenty of information to share about it on it’s very own sales page.

They advertise a 90-day challenge all over the web page. This challenge is carried out by taking a photo of yourself prior to starting the diet pills, taking the pills for 90 days straight, then sending in an after photo. Mind you, in order to carry out this challenge you would have to purchase multiple bottles. For a simple step up from plain fiber, these bottles definitely add up to be pretty costly. What makes this fiber pills so much better than your average fiber that you can buy at any grocery store?

Skinny Fiber Claims

Skinny Fiber supplements claim to be the most effective product on the market as well as the safest. Most times when a product can claim it is “safest”, it is not very effective. They promote healthy weight management, proprietary formula, support health and detoxification, provide antioxidant properties, etc. Just to clarify a proprietary formula is a term used when there are no active ingredients in the supplement. There is very little product detail, all we are given are a few before and after images and the ingredients of the product. The main ingredient is Glucomannan. This is listed as a natural dietary fiber that “expands your stomach and makes you eat less” ( Along with Glucomannan, they claim that their product is made up of two other appetite suppressants, and the key component being enzymes. According to this diet, with the proper enzymes being consumed our bodies should be able to function fully and shed unwanted pounds as efficiently as possible. Well yes, we can agree that if our body that is in the proper condition and health it should be able to make something of weight loss. The issue here is that some simple fiber pills are not the only thing needed to maintain weight loss. Exercise and proper nutrition are crucial. Skinny Fiber does not offer these important factors, therefore it will not suffice.

Does Skinny Fiber Have Scientific Backing?

Not very surprising, but there is not any scientific backing provided for the supplements. They list the ingredients along with a brief description of what each ingredient is, but no scientific resources to back their claims.

They claim that the enzymes our bodies will receive from taking the supplement, will help our bodies to function at it’s best ability. Yes, we are aware that digestive enzymes can come in the form of supplement and capsules but the issue here is that the amount we should be taking is all relative to the foods we consume. To generalize and just take a fiber capsule that has these enzymes once a day and then adjusted to twice a day is not how these enzymes are designed to work. That being said, there is no scientific research to explain the enzymes that are included in the ingredients, so how do we know that this is really the case? Does this fiber supplement bring everything into balance that easily? That’s just it, it’s a risky 50/50.

Is Skinny Fiber Effective For Weight Loss?

As far as being effective, the Glucomannan seems to be their only claim to fame. Rather than treating this supplement as a daily go-to, many consumers found that when they did stick to taking it from time-to-time they would feel full for a longer period of time.

…I will continue to take these, as I do feel like I am less hungry when I take them. The directions ask that you drink lots of water when you take the pill, so that may also be part of why I was less hungry. Because it did help me stay regular and I felt like it did make me less hungry, I’m giving it four stars. To be fair, I don’t think buyers should automatically expect weight loss, as that happens from a combination of so many other variables…” – Sherry, an Amazon Customer

However, feeling full for a longer period of time (which is not guaranteed to occur for all) is not a solution for weight loss. For long term weight loss you will need a balanced nutritional plan and exercise routine to keep you on track. A supplement might be an added factor to help achieve your goals, but it will not be the solution on it’s own.

What Are Skinny Fiber’s Side Effects?

There are not many side effects to be aware of as they do not explicitly warn you of any. Considering the product seems to be not much more than a glamorized fiber product that you can find at any market for under $10, lack of explicit side effects makes sense.

Skinny Fiber’s Support

Not until you start going through the process of purchasing the product, you are given the option for support. They give you a phone number (817) 479-9198 in which you can contact their staff for support, to tell about your experience, or to gather further knowledge (or so they say). In the several calls I have made to this phone line, they have an automated machine that says all of the representatives are busy or that you have reached them outside of business hours. In calling several times and getting the same response I have no choice but to think, they do not actually take calls over the phone. I find this to be extremely frustrating. If I am a customer looking to purchase your product and want to be assured that I am making the right choice and you do not have anyone available to help, it is alarming. I do not know about you but that automatically puts doubt in my mind about following through with the purchase.

They refer you to contact their email. If a client is really looking to get immediate feedback and feel confident in their purchase, this sort of delayed response is not ideal. There is also a “contact us” form in which you can fill out your information and send them a message. There is no specified turnaround time on the response using this method either. Therefore, who knows when you will get an informative response?

As far as their money back and return policy. They claim to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee (not including the shipping and handling costs) if it is your first product purchase and is returned within 30 days of the purchase date and a little bit longer grace period if multiple purchases are made in the same month. Well after experiencing their lack of customer support, I would be very skeptical about getting that Money Back Guarantee after all.

Bottom Line

Skinny Fiber Diet is a supplement program that claims to help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and balancing the enzymes in your body. However, as I looked into this product more, it is indeed just a glorified fiber pill. You can go to your local grocer and get a large tin of fiber powder for under $10. Skinny Fiber goes to say that they’re product is more beneficial than just the fiber due to the enzymes that it provides your body with. Yes, digestive enzymes are great and sometimes our bodies need a little extra assistance, but by taking these pills once and eventually twice a day you are not making the proper adjustments. The dosage of enzymes should be based on the foods that you are consuming. Aside from the faulty generalized dosage of the pills, they are not made of any active ingredients, therefore how are any changes being made? Truth is they are not. Lastly, the lack of customer support when you call their phone line is not ideal when you purchase an item like this online. You never know when you need to get ahold of a representative and when they just direct you to an email address with an automated response right off the bat, is just not promising. Overall, for those of you that are looking to get rid of bloating, have your body and enzymes functioning properly, gain energy, and lose unwanted pounds, I suggest you look into another program.

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