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Slim4Life is a diet program that claims to have been around for about 30 years now as it is said to have been created in 1979. Before taking a closer look at the development and history of this program, the website alone gives it away. is extremely outdated. This is never enticing when seeking a new and improved approach to weight loss. Nowadays, there are so many diets, supplements, and programs on the market that there is no time to waste with the ones that are far from appealing. Slim4Life offers two types of weight loss programs. There is an on-site program as well as an at home program. The on-site program requires that you come in person to one of their Slim4Life centers to receive one-on-one guidance and supervision. Although, if you do not live near their locations in Kansas, Florida, Texas, or Missouri, you are out of luck and would have no choice but to do the at home program.

The Slim4Life home program provides you with a food plan, Slim Snacks, a tape measure, and 4 weeks of over the phone consultations. They also offer 6 and 10 week programs for those that want to make a longer commitment. When purchasing individual items off of the site, they are shipped to you free of shipping charges, as long as you spend over $150, but are non-refundable (this may seem hard to do, but considering the at home program alone exceeds $250, spending that much is a given). What if you are unhappy with your program? This is way too expensive of a risk to take.  

The price varies depending on your situation and what comes of your initial consultation. The price evaluation cannot be done over the phone, therefore if you do not live in the area you are stuck with purchasing a “home program” that is non-refundable and costs over $299 on sale that lasts a duration of 4 weeks. This general home package does not feature the “personal” plan they claim to construct for each Slim4Life client (looks to me like if you do not live in close proximity of the locations, you should just turn away now). The first over the phone consultation is when you will prompted to discuss medical history and get your personal touch added to the home program.

Slim4Life Claims

Slim4Life claims to assist their clients in losing “3 to 5 pounds a week (more or less)”. That being said, this guarantee that is repeatedly stated all over the website raises uncertainty with the “more or less” placed in parenthesis each time. Punctuation aside, there is hardly anything promising about this program. Depending on your goals, some may be looking to lose over 40 pounds while some may just be looking to drop 10. If you are stuck ordering an at home kit (because there are no locations near you) that only lasts 4 weeks, you are going to have to purchase it several times to attain your goal at a rate of 3 to 5 pounds per week. You will be spending about $600 over the course of two short months in non-refundable program purchases alone. What if it does not even work? What if you are falsely convinced it is working in the first month from natural loss of water weight and then it plateaus as you go on to week 5 and you are stuck?

Although they pride themselves on providing you with a meal plan derived from foods you can get at the grocery store as well as out to eat, there are Slim4Life protein snacks and supplements that are obligatory as well. Sure, you may not be eating full meals made by Slim4Life, but there are still snacks and supplements that you are required to purchase from their company in order to achieve the so-called benefits the program claims to offer.

Does Slim4Life Have Scientific Backing?

There is no scientific backing or information disclosed on the website. There are several dietary supplements sold on the website, but no further scientific research or findings behind these supplements. Due to the fact that there is very limited information provided about the supplements, I highly recommended that you seek approval from your personal doctor prior to taking any of these supplements.  There is very little information on the development of the products in this program and how it came to be. There is no-telling whether or not the supplements were designed by healthcare professionals or even clinically proven to have an effect on your body in any way or not.

There is not even proof that the consultants that answer the support lines and work in the Slim4Life centers have any nutritional credibility. Not to say it does not exist, but shame on them for not including such critical information about the program on their webpage. There are way too many questions left unanswered when it comes to this program…

Is Slim4Life Effective?

Truth is, regardless of strictly following this Slim4Life program or not, if you struggle with your weight and are looking to lose a significant amount, switching to a low calorie diet alone will most likely have you dropping pounds right off of the bat. It is inevitable that if your body is used to eating mass amounts of calories and you shock it with a transition to consuming several hundred less calories a day, it will definitely react in an abrupt way (this is when you lose water weight). Slim4Life claims that with the help of their food plans that cater to your individual diet and goals you will supposedly have a consistent weight loss journey for life. That being said, spending close to $300 dollars a month (minimum) to reap the benefits of a simple low calorie meal plan is incredibly unnecessary. Thus far I have discovered that their locations are difficult to access because they are limited, there is no set price (and is on the expensive side no matter what), and there is absolutely no scientific backing. With my discoveries in mind, I came across several negative customer reviews. For example one read as follows:

“…I have received nothing from this company but a 20 min sales pitch and they are trying to keep over $500! I later learned that they have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau and have multiple other bad reviews. Wish I had looked that up before – hoping to help others avoid the same mistake. Very bad customer service and quite the scam.”- Unsatisfied Slim4Life Customer

I would conclude that this program is not effective. There are a multitude of other sources out there that can help you with a meal plan and even better, exercise as well! It is important to remember that both nutrition and exercise are critical to positive and well-sustained results.

What are Slim4Life Side Effects?

There aren’t any specific side effects disclosed about the supplements or program at all. Just because they are not disclosed doesn’t necessarily guarantee that there are not any. I can almost guarantee just from just understanding the way this is set up that if your body is not used to consuming less than 1,500 calories a day, it will undergo some uneasiness at first. In turn resulting in fatigue and nausea because your body is used to receiving larger amounts of food and it will need to adjust to being held back. Other side effects to be aware of are in the dietary supplements you are consuming. Always be sure and consult a proper physician prior to incorporating new supplements into your daily routine. However, the lack of disclosed side effects on their part leads me to believe that these supplements do not have much to be wary of because they do not even work. Often times if a supplement prides itself on being safe or free of any side effects, it might as well be a placebo and is more times than not, useless.  

Slim4Life Support

For those clients that do not have access to the centers, there is a phone support line that can be reached at (816) 730-7546. The first time you call there is a free over the phone consultation. Every time thereafter, the client and the consultant are expected to talk three times a week during business hours as a part of purchasing the “home plan”. When I spoke with one of the representatives, they mentioned that the phone calls all go through a corporate portal and then are picked up by different individuals after that. I do not know about you, but I would rather stick to one consultant that I will be able to work with in achieving my goal rather than confiding in a new person for support each time.

As for social media platforms, there is a Facebook page for Slim4Life Texas, but that is all that I came across. Overall, I am not impressed by the support in the least. I must warn you that upon calling for your first time, make sure and have questions ready if there is anything I have not answered for you in this review. There is an overwhelming sales pitch that they bombard you with as well as they attempt to take note of your medical history straight away. After that first free phone consultation they try and get you to start paying, so be aware of what you are getting into.

Bottom Line

Slim4Life is a diet program available for men, women, and children ages 10 and up. It boils down to a diet that basically consists of a low calorie food plan and numerous consultations to allegedly change your lifestyle and have you losing weight for life. The philosophy behind this program is that by following a guide that consists of foods you can buy at the grocery store or order out, dietary supplements, and other Slim4Life snacks you should be able to create new healthy habits. After researching this product, the lifestyle changes they aim to promote can easily be made without going through the hassle of purchasing a couple hundred dollars worth of guides and products that have no scientific evidence, no refunds, and no support. If you are looking to get rid of bloating, shed unwanted pounds, have a balanced diet, and overall healthy lifestyle, you should most definitely seek out another program.

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