Trim Down Club Review

Trim Down Club Review

What is the Trim Down Club?

The Trim Down Club (TDC) is a nutrition-based tele-health service providing nutrition and fitness guidance for weight loss and maintenance. This service is designed with an individualized, comprehensive approach that targets customer needs, concerns, and goals. It assists customers of all ages and anthropometrics in building healthy long-term habits. The main objective being to optimize comprehensive wellbeing all from the comfort and convenience of one’s own home.


The Trim Down Club encourages moving away from overly processed and refined foods, and returning to whole, natural nutrition. It is not an “extreme” diet, and could actually be seen as the opposite. Rather, based on the way the human body responds to the main components of food, and the fact that the ultimate goal of weight loss is health. Instead of counting calories (which it does not include), this diet employs portion control based on need and avoidance of hunger. This service encourages fresh and whole foods, while limiting consumption of processed, high-fat, and high-sugar foods and beverages.

The Trim Down Club program eases one into the type of regimen that a healthy person with a healthy weight would follow long-term, even when not dieting. Small, comfortable improvements in food choices and exercise are encouraged, allowing them to add up and eventually become second nature. As a result of the natural, life-enhancing style of the Trim Down Club program, weight comes off slowly. This is especially the case if there is a personal history of previous starvation diets and the body needs to get used to adequate food again. The body is meant to undergo weight changes slowly. When they happen gradually, they are far more likely to be maintained long-term and support good health long-term.

How Is The Trim Down Club Similar To Other Weight Loss Programs?

The Trim Down Club is similar in some principles to the “clean eating” movement. It is also highly influenced by medical nutrition recommendations to lose weight. Eating healthy habits based on a healthy weight, rather than using extreme, temporary starvation diets. This program also offers important tools to track and encourage efforts. Tools such as a Progress Meter, Food Diary, and Community Forums. The forums serve an important advantage being that the Trim Down Club’s dietitian participates in them. The dietician answers any nutritional questions and works directly with club members.

How Is The Trim Down Club Different From Other Weight Loss Programs?

Unlike other common diets, this program is tailored to meeting the body’s needs for good long-term health at the right weight. This is not based on obsessive behaviors such as calorie-counting, extreme changes, and deprivation. It is not meant to shock the body into dropping a certain number of pounds as fast as possible, without post-loss planning. Instead, this diet employs portion control based on need and avoidance of hunger, and encourages life-long healthy eating. Most importantly, it is comprehensive. It incorporates tools for dealing with the many facets of a weight issue.

Even other clean eating weight loss programs tend to be extreme and rigid, and are therefore unsustainable and temporary – as are the results. Other personalized weight loss programs can leave one tied to specific methods, menus, food, or supplement products. This also ends up being more of a one-size-fits-all guide that is desired, and again, unsustainable.

 TRIM DOWN CLUB Official Site

The Trim Down Club program and tools are based on sound scientific research and evidence-based practice that have been accumulated and confirmed over decades.  The Trim Down Club stays on the cutting edge of findings in all the encompassed fields: metabolic, gender, and hormonal health; physical activity and integrity; psychological, lifestyle, and socioeconomic challenges; and alternative and complementary care.

Key Points About the Trim Down Club

  • The Trim Down Club program is not really a “diet,” but rather a way of eating that fits one’s goal weight, and helps build healthy long-term habits.
  • The Trim Down Club provides a sophisticated menu-building application that can be tailored to needs and lifestyle at four levels of personalization.
  • The Trim Down Club encourages eating six small-to-moderate, nutritionally balanced meals throughout the day.
  • The Trim Down Club’s basic menu pattern is low in carbohydrates, moderate in fat, and high in protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • The Trim Down Club utilizes a food exchange system based on that of dietetic and diabetes organizations around the world. A system tried and true, applicable with modern food labeling. Does not require users to learn a whole new system that may or may not match food information in the marketplace.
  • The foods recommended were selected for their positive impact not only on general health, but also on healthy weight loss and maintenance. They are generally found in health-oriented stores all over the world. Some items are starting to be available in regular grocery stores as well, due to international press about their benefits. The fact that they are not mass-produced is part of their advantage, as they are less manipulated, therefore more nutritious.

Key Principles Driving Major Benefits of the Trim Down Club Program

Eat Minimally Processed and Relatively Whole, Natural Foods

When foods are highly processed, the nutritional value drops, no matter how many nutrients are “added back in” during manufacturing. This makes the body think it is not being nourished, which puts it into semi-starvation mode, which ultimately translates to weight gain. The more naturally nourishing the food, the easier it is optimize metabolism and right-size the body.

Keep Glucose and Insulin in Balance

Simple sugars or carbohydrates often adversely affect the ability to lose weight. They cause blood sugar levels to rise, which causes two problems. First, blood sugar increases insulin levels, which can increase weight and impact health all by itself.  

Second, sudden or major blood sugar spikes give a matching spike in the sense of energy. followed an hour later by feelings of sluggishness, exhaustion, and hunger – and ultimately giving in to temptations and ruin the diet. This is not a good cycle to keep repeating.


The principles of the program are based in large part on a diabetic diet, and so it is suitable for diabetics and pre-diabetics.

Have A Consistent Flow of Energy

Eating six small-to-moderate, nutritionally balanced meals throughout the day is the basic method of the Trim Down Club, though this can be adjusted according to need. Spreading out food intake over the course of the day by dividing it into set meals and snacks with healthy proportions of nutrients – rather than grazing all day long or skipping meals, which can be damaging – can help better regulate blood sugar levels. This can in turn curb hunger and support metabolic health.

Flexibility is Key to Stability

The Trim Down Club ensures that multiple, heavy, and even conflicting time commitments need not interfere with meeting health goals. Fun such as parties, trips, and dining out can be had without getting derailed.

Our Menu Planner application builds daily menus based on user choices from of hundreds of foods listed with visual cues to guide healthy choices. Special diets are no problem. Whether you are a vegetarian, keto follower, individual looking to avoid gluten, dairy, concentrated sugars, or cholesterol, there is an option for you! Further, you can build something simply based on specific foods rather than diet categories.

High Satiety and Nutrient Density Are Preferable Over Caloric Density

The program encourages consumption of whole, fresh foods that are naturally high in volume from water and fiber. These foods promote physical fullness without much room for calories. The program favors lean proteins, which facilitate hormonal triggers for a fullness sensation. Limiting processed, high-fat, and high-sugar foods and beverages that promote mindless overconsumption rather than satiety is the other key. Trim Down Club menus ensure good nutrition and hunger prevention without regret.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Weight will come off slowly, especially if there is a history of previous starvation dieting and the body needs to get used to adequate food again. In The Trim Down Club there is no deprivation, no starvation, no shock – just sustainable results.

Physical Activity Is An Important Ally

Any weight management effort is more effective when combined with physical activity.  There are two main benefits to getting active and staying active:

  • More energy is burned, contributing to faster slimming
  • Muscle mass is increased, which protects that muscle tissue from being used as an energy source and decreases the proportion of fat tissue.
  • Increasing or changing exercise to work new muscles or work them more is the best way to get past a plateau (beyond making sure that the diet is really being followed).
  • A trim figure is much more easily maintained with exercise and resultant healthy muscle tissue

“Side Effects” of the Trim Down Club Program

Because of the tools and support the program offers, there is sometimes the concern that dining outside of normal circumstances – at restaurants, while traveling, etc. – may derail efforts. However, the Trim Down Club provides coaching to support independent functioning in healthy eating and fitness no matter what the situation may be.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There is so much food in the menus – will I really lose weight if I eat them all?

Believe it or not, yes. The whole, fresh foods encouraged in the program are naturally high in water and fiber, which doesn’t leave room for excessive calories or substances that prevent healthy weight loss and management. Further, the foods and recommended food timing keep a person feeling full and less likely to give into binging or the “munchies.”

2. Can I do this program when I have medical conditions?

Not only can the Trim Down Club be followed with a medical condition, but its principles are likely to support management of common medical conditions. For conditions requiring highly specialized diets, the personalization options of the Menu Planner allow for this. Plus, our registered dietitian is always available to help.

3. Can I do this program with my family? We range in age, height, weight, gender, health condition – all the elements that determine nutritional needs.

Family involvement is very important, both for the normalization of the process and the benefits for the entire household to eat healthfully. Instead of preparing multiple meals, find a common ground for everyone: have family members make some of the healthy choices so they can like what is being served. When the menu is generated, simple calculations indicate the personal portion sizes recommended for everyone involved.


The Trim Down Club provides nutrition and fitness guidance for weight loss and maintenance, with an individualized, comprehensive approach to building healthy long-term habits. It encourages meeting nutritional needs through whole, natural foods and rejecting overly processed and refined foods, as well as extreme measures such as starvation. As a result of the natural, life-enhancing style of the Trim Down Club program, weight loss can be healthy, sustainable, and supportive of good health long-term.

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