Uforia Science Magic or A Clever Marketing Trick?

Uforia Science Review

Uforia Science is a multi-level marketing company that offers DNA testing, and personalized nutritional supplements based on your DNA results. I will get into the details regarding how the company works in the sections below. Uforia Science was founded by CEO Ron Williams and it was all started in October of 2018. This is a relatively new business, so they are recruiting people like crazy to join the multi-level marketing team. The headquarters is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. This company personalizes in nutrition solely based on your personal nutrition profile, so what you receive is going to be completely isolated to your personal health needs. [1]

How Uforia Science Works

There are three steps when looking to get Uforia products sent to your door.

  1. Purchase the “Ustart” DNA kit
  2. Register the kit online (where you will pay lab fees) and where the company will decide which “Utrition” formulas to send you. Send samples in
  3. Start taking the Pretrition 30-day cleanse included in your kit to kickstart [2]

In the DNA test kit it will come with 180 veggie caps (pretrition),  and two sterile cytology brushes which are also know as DNA swabs. Your saliva essentially holds all of the necessary nutritional information it takes to get a proper test. When the test swabs are sent to the lab, your personal report is completed, and in return you will receive products such as superfoods, prebiotics, vitamins, and enzymes to kickstart your health journey with Uforia Science.

The Pretrition capsules are essentially a 30 day “cleanse” you will start and it comes in the form of the veggie capsules. I assume this is what they have the customer taking while they are waiting for the results to come back from the lab. The starting cost is $159.00 for the test kit and cleanse, and then another $99 for actual results. All of the nutritional supplements are non gmo, vegan, and gluten free.

The customer will purchase the DNA test kit for $159.00 and get started on the pretrition cleanse while they are waiting for their lab results to come back. They will spend another $99 for lab testing, and then another unknown cost to actually purchase the personalized supplements.

What Is In Uforia Science?

Because your saliva holds the blueprint for your body essentially, it is a safe and smart way to really take a deep dive into what supplements would best serve your health. Some of the ingredients in the products you may be sent are:

(AC-11, Acai Juice Powder Acerola Powder Ext. Apple Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid Artichoke Extract   Biotin, Broccoli Juice Powder Broccoli Sprout Extract  Broccoli Powder  Burdock Root Powder  Carrot Juice Powder Choline Biltartrate ,Maltake Mushroom Ext., Mangosteen Ext. Milk Thistle Ext. Mixed Carotenes, Organic Black Currant, Organic Blueberry Ext. Organic Flax Seed, Organic Reishi Mushroom Ext. Turmeric Ext.  Ubiquinol Ubiquinone, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2  Vitamin B3  Vitamin B5  Vitamin B6,  Vitamin B12,  Vitamin E). [2]

As you can see, there is nothing inherently dangerous about the products, or the process you will go through to get the supplements. The process can be time consuming and take some work on your end, but nothing is dangerous with Uforia Science. The pretrition capsules that are meant to cleanse for 30 days are made up of raw food/ herbs, so it is safe as well. The ingredient list for the capsules are found on the main website.

All of the supplements they send you are clean, and safe to take. As a precaution if you are concerned, run it by your doctor if you are on certain medication you think may interfere with some of the ingredients on the website.

Uforia Science: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It is cool that the products you are being sent are because of direct DNA samples from your body. Their labs are CLIA certified, and HIPPA compliant, so this is another pro. You can be confident that the supplements being sent to you are for a reason, and not just a “guess” as to what supplements you may be needing. A con is how expensive it is to purchase for a 30-day supply, and how time consuming it can be. It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for your tests to come back, so do not lose momentum in that time period.

Because every body is so different, the company estimates there are around 400 million different combinations for the Utrition that could come about. This is another pro, as it sets in stone the true personalization the company gives to each customer. The last con I noticed is the fact that it is a MLM company, as I am not a fan of these marketing styles personally.

This company offers a very personalized nutritional profile for each customer, and it is very expensive when it is all said and done!

The Bottom Line

This company is new to the scene, and they are offering a service that is not generally seen in the supplement world. It’s not every day you get an in depth look into what supplements your body really needs in order to achieve optimal health and wellness. Their labs are certified which is a relief, and the turnaround time is about a month so there is a wait involved. If you can get past the work on the front end such as the 30-day cleanse, completing your DNA kit, shipping it in, and waiting for the results it may be the right investment for you. Keep in mind, it is $159 for just the kit, and another $99 for the analysis which is a lot not including the supplement cost. Try it out for size, there is nothing dangerous (minus the cost) about the company.

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