Xyngular Program Review

Xyngular Diet Review

It is one of the most expensive diet fads out there, and it uses a multi-level marketing business structure to sell dietary products. It’s incredible how expensive these starters kits run (average of $400.00) not to mention a majority of Xyngular’s products contain gluten, soy, and GMO ingredients. Four words: Expensive, Scam, No Thanks. Need I say more?

Xyngular Claims

This company is full of empty promises. They guarantee an 8-day transformation by increasing your metabolism, balancing your blood sugar, eliminating free radicals, increasing energy, and building lean muscle. They also claim, Xyngular will pay you to travel the world with their passport program. This seems too good to be true. Their passport program is for business owners that sign onto their multi-level marketing plan. Because there is no support desk, I was unable to ask any more questions regarding this program.

They have a 30-day money back guarantee, which really is quite short in the grand scheme of trying to create a healthy lifestyle. This screams, “Quick fix!” They have a 90% refund guarantee for products past 30 days, but the process is very complicated. You are also forced into an auto ship program upon purchase, which draws another concern.

Their model supplement “Xyng” is said to change your mood, and boost your energy while making you feel more relaxed. They call this “their fuel for life” which is scary, as it comes across as an energy supplement. They claim that Xyng is made from “naturally sourced ingredients” but they do not give out the actual ingredients.

Xyngular Scientific Backing

There are no clinical studies or medical professionals anywhere on their website. This is a huge red flag from the very minute you start to investigate. After going through their videos and reading the information on the website, there seems to be no scientific backing whatsoever. Ignite is the first starter kit and contains some of these products: Core 4- Works to help your body control hunger, and it detoxifies your system. Axion: Helps body absorb nutrients, and aids digestions. Global blend: Super fruits blend with Goji, Acai, and Blueberries etc. The videos continue to play on, with no scientific backing.

Is Xyngular Effective?

No. I think it may work for a couple of days, but this is not a diet that is meant to change your lifestyle in healthy ways. They put you on 500-800 calorie diet for 8 days. In general, (without their fancy supplements) who wouldn’t lose weight? It is a scam, and it is meant to take your money and leave you with eye appealing bottles of GMO infested waste.

Does Xyngular Have Side Effects?

There have been multiple reports on people feeling extremely shaky after consuming this product, due to the high levels of caffeine. Right on the label it says, “This product is not safe for anyone under 17 years of age.” This product doesn’t seem safe for anyone in general. When you are not given the exact nutritional information of a product you are buying, there seems to be major questions and concerns.

What Is Xyngular Support Like?

There is no support system on the website. They do not have a number to call, or easy access to a support e-mail. Instead, they put up YouTube videos, and called it good. I had WAY more questions than the videos could answer, which left me feeling confused.

Their social media following on all levels was rather low. I was expecting to see hundreds of thousands of followers, but they simply were not there. The commenting and the liking was almost nonexistent on Facebook, and their Instagram profile was worse.

The Bottom Line

This company is a scam. I would not recommend that anyone waste their time, efforts, and precious money on Xyngular’s products. It is scary to think that people are willing to sacrifice their health, for a company that has little to no scientific backing on their products. Any diet that is under a 1,000 calories is considered a starvation diet, which does more long term damage to your body. Do yourself a favor and stay away.

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